What is Mutual Gains?


Mutual Gains  

We have always desired to help and inspire those in our lives and complete strangers. We believe in paying it forward so that everyone can succeed and live a life they desire. That is the purpose of Mutual Gains.

Mutual Gains is a platform that addresses topics related to Health, Technology, and Love. We provide a very different combination of outlooks on life given the overlap of our passions. This has created a unique set of experiences and insights that we want to share with the world.

What you will Gain by taking the Mutual Gains journey with us:

  • Exposure to several of our personal health and workout routines, secrets, recipes, and regimes that will allow you to attain the body of your dreams
  • Exposure to old and new technologies, transformations in the tech world and how these can be leveraged by you in your everyday life, your current job, or your new career
  • Exposure to knowledge that will help you maintain your current relationship, create new ones, and cultivate healthy habits that will allow you to be the best version of yourself

Who are we?

Now that you have a feel for our website and its purpose allow me to introduce ourselves! We are Cadarrius and Breya McGlown and we are Mutual Gains. We are techies working in industry by day, passionate health enthusiasts by night, and best friends 24/7.

Blog posts, such as this one, will be added that will discuss our three areas of passion. One week you may find a post about my personal workout regime or a new workout plan that is being created for you, while the next week you may find a post about the latest technology and how it may alter the way you live, work, and play.

We are excited that you have decided to take this journey with us and we believe you will get what you need to succeed, be it in Health, Technology, or in Love.

-Welcome to Mutual Gains!

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